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Hello, I am Geeta Pendaer, the Founder of Mind the Bully, a platform that has been coined by my life's journey and experiences; In my capacity of an Artiste in dance and education in excess of 38 years, a Family Group Conference Coordinator and Mediator. My varied roles and extensive work committments brought me to a place where I felt that I needed to do some work on myself, deal with my inner child and love myself more. These feelings lead me to embark on a new journey, one that allowed myself to step away from the stresses of life, into a space of healing and wellness. I started my training and practice in Mindfulness, Mindful Self Compassion (MSC), Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and flew to Pittsburgh, USA for Dancing Mindfulness Training. This amazing journey helped me to heal and shift alot of childhood trauma, created awareness within myself and nurtured healthy growth within me.

Now a Holistic Transformational Coach, my life's passion continues to help others' reach their potential, by continuing to write programmes and projects, using arts as a medium.

Having seen the benefits of writing programmes with a creative curriculum, I have combined the four modalities that I practice and have developed, with  empowering training and resources to meet the PSHE 2020 requirement, all to promote Healthy Minds 'Beyond the class.'


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Geeta Pendaer

Founder, CEO & Wellbeing Director

Comfort Uba

International Marketing Manager

Carey Burgher

Advisor - UK

Reginald Ekeocha

Field Manager - Africa

Mary Uba

Advisor - Africa

Edna Njimezi

Advisor - Africa

Ruth Carter

Lead Wellbeing Mentor/DSL/DPO

Amina Nazier

Advisor - UK

Avin Rambaran  

Advisor - UK

Gisile Koffigan     

Field Manager - Europe

Noemie Agborar 

Advisor - Europe

William Jacques

Advisor - Europe